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A Film Project Honoring Kidnapping Survivors

Call for Photo Submissions


About:  Project See Me is a video containing statistics about kidnapping and kidnapping victims, drawing attention to the fact that the journey of the kidnapping survivor does not end when we are returned, and humanizing us by presenting pictures and descriptions of us as we are today.  The video will appear on this Website, on popular media sites like YouTube, and be shared with news media and some of our donors.  The expected release date is April 2015.


Goals:  Our goal is to educate the public about the reality of kidnapping, and to demonstrate that kidnapping survivors are real people who are struggling, thriving, surviving, learning, teaching, loving, hurting, healing, and living.  We also hope for this activity to be therapeutic to participants, and to show other kidnapping survivors that they are not alone.


Participation:  If you are a kidnapping survivor, please participate!  We need pictures of kidnapping survivors of both genders, and of all ages, countries, and ethnicities.  Please see the release form below for important instructions and limitations.


Instructions:  Project See Me is based on the “HAVE YOU SEEN ME?” poster.  To participate, please:


  1. Print one of the three poster templates below onto an 8 ˝ x 11 sheet of paper.  You may use white or colored paper.  You may also leave it blank or decorate it with markers, flowers, ribbons, glitter, etc.  If you do not have access to a printer, you may draw your own poster, as long as it matches one of the three templates here.
  2. Cut out the center.  You will photograph your face in this space.  You may also choose to paste a picture of yourself in this space instead. 
  3. Add text.  On Template #1, complete the sentence, “I am ___________.”  Your words do not have to be in English and may be in your native language.  Please be sure that we can see your words in your picture.  Please be honest, and choose words that are meaningful to you.  Your triumphs are great, but it’s OK to say that you are struggling also.  On Template #2 or Template #3, fill in your kidnapping statistics, or replace them with something creative, which describes you and what those statistics mean to you today.  However you fill in the details, please be honest about if and how your kidnapping affects who you are today.
  4. Photograph yourself, or ask a supportive person to photograph you, with your face inside the cut-out poster.  Please be sure that we can see your face, whatever background you choose.  If you don’t want to take a selfie, you may paste a current picture of your face into the blank space instead.  Whatever goes into this space should represent who you are today. 
  5. E-mail your photo and your completed release form to us.







Template #1:


Template #2:


Template #3


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Please help to keep these support services available.  Please help to save my life today, so that I can help others.  Donations pay for my emergency medical and living expenses.  I pay your help forward with support services for all survivors of kidnapping and abduction.  Please donate today.




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