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This is our most active group.  This group is for survivors of childhood or adult abduction or kidnapping of any type or length.  Group focus is on support and positive healing work.  Discussion, healing activities, and resources are shared in a community of people who understand.  Group members may share openly about experiences of being abducted by strangers or family members, and about any of the events included in the experience, regardless of the length of time they were taken or missing and whether they were regarded as missing by family or authorities.  

Because the experiences of abduction survivors are unique and often extreme, there is no limit to the nature of the experiences shared in this group; however, trigger warnings before disturbing posts are encouraged. Experiences may include, but are not limited to, childhood identity-loss, sexual assault, torture, extortion, stalking and other violence.  Group members are encouraged to participate in the provided grounding and healing activities on a regular basis, and to engage in self care when sharing or reading about others' experiences.  All members must treat each other with care; beyond mere courtesy and respect, it is exceptionally important that all members recognize the nature of abduction trauma and the emotional difficulty of sharing it with others. 

Members may share materials, media and other resources for survivors of abduction, but because regular stories about missing people may be triggering, may not post missing-person notices without permission. Our group rules are listed below and in the group’s Files section, and input for the best safety and operation of this group is always welcome.


This is a “Secret” Facebook group, and is not visible to the public.  To request membership, please visit the visible, administrator page linked below.  Each new member is screened privately by an administrator before being added to the support group, and only members can see the group, other members, and what is posted and shared.  Please click here for more information about group security.  While administrators are here to assist in maintaining the safety and security of the group, we are peers, not mental-health or law-enforcement professionals, and members are responsible for their own safety.


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This organization is in creation, and its 501c3 status is pending donations needed for the filing fee.  An EIN has been established, and donations are deposited to a bank account in the organization’s name and directed toward basic living expenses.