Art Therapy Room



Available 24 hours per day.


This is a group drawing room for survivors of childhood or adult abduction or kidnapping of any type or length.Group focus is on healing activities with drawing tools and a chat tool in a safe environment shared with peers.The drawing tool may be used individually or with other members of the group.



Examples of activities in this space:


  1. Draw something you want, or something healing, to visualize it and help you to focus on it.
  2. If you are struggling with a traumatic event related to your abduction, draw it, and add a happy ending or a healing conclusion for yourself.
  3. Draw your safe space, and imagine going to it when needed.


It is recommended that this room be used in conjunction with at least one other kidnapping support group, and that members arrange times to meet to draw together.Art therapy sessions are more effective when members are able to talk while drawing.Skype and telephone lists are available.Please keep in mind our common-sense rules about connecting and chatting with group members.Rules prohibiting sharing of the drawing room address or the contact information of other members with anyone outside of group are firm.


This is a private space requiring application.Each member is screened privately before being granted entrance, and only members can see each other and what is drawn and shared. While administrators are here to assist in maintaining the safety and security of the group, we are peers, not mental-health or law-enforcement professionals, and members are responsible for their own safety.


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Group Rules


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Please help to keep these support services available.Please help to save my life today, so that I can help others.Donations pay for my emergency medical and living expenses.I pay your help forward with support services for all survivors of kidnapping and abduction.Please donate today.




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This organization is in creation, and its 501c3 status is pending donations needed for the filing fee.An EIN has been established, and donations are deposited to a bank account in the organizationís name and directed toward basic living expenses.