Rev. Tiffany Diane Moon

January 1971 – January 2015

We regret the closing of this organization due to the death of founder, Reverend Tiffany Diane Moon.


It is no longer possible to contact a representative.


Rev. Tiffany Diane Moon


Tiffany Moon Foundation for Abduction Recovery*

PO Box 1318 MS 2730

Sacramento, CA 95812


Before Calling

Are you a survivor of abduction or kidnapping, or are you calling on behalf of a survivor who has been returned?  We offer peer support to abduction and kidnapping survivors.  We are not equipped to help with current missing cases.  If you are attempting to recover someone who has been abducted or kidnapped, please contact your local police and FBI.  For child abductions, you may also contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  For emergencies, dial 911.


No Response?

Have you tried to contact me, but not received a response?  I receive a large volume of e-mail, and sometimes, messages bounce or I miss them.  I know how much it hurts when a support organization fails to respond to a request for help, and I will never ignore you intentionally.  If you do not receive a response from me or another representative within 48 hours, please try again, and leave an additional, confidential voice message.  


Important Mailing Information*

The mailing address above is a state-government mail-forwarding program for victims of crime.  Signature-required mail and process service is accepted at this address.  However, I will not receive forwarded mail or service for another one-two weeks.  The signature date on mail or process service is NOT the date of receipt by me.


Please Donate

Please help to save my life today, so that I can help others.  Donations pay for my emergency medical and living expenses.  I pay your help forward with support services for all survivors of kidnapping and abduction.  Please donate today.




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This organization is in creation, and its 501c3 status is pending donations needed for the filing fee.  An EIN has been established, and donations are deposited to a bank account in the organization’s name and directed toward basic living expenses.