Support for Survivors of Abduction & Kidnapping


The Need for Support


In October of 1980, after escaping years of violent abuse, I was kidnapped by my abuser from my Catholic elementary school, which chose not to call police, but to hide the crime instead.In 2011, when I was ready to seek help as an adult, I faced discrimination, maltreatment, and abuse by social services and law enforcement. I found that, because my experience was unique, unstudied, regarded as extreme, regarded as unbelievable, or did not fit any models, there was no support for me, and this nearly cost me my life. Today, I am still unable to receive the services I need to survive.


Abduction and kidnapping are uniquely devastating but common crimes. However, there is little support for or awareness of the needs of the survivors of these crimes. Professional knowledge about abduction and kidnapping is limited, statutes of limitations for prosecution are unclear and prohibitive, and mishandling by law enforcement is frequent. There is no psychological model for the abduction survivor, therapeutic treatment is still experimental, and specialists are rare. There is a lack of public services, almost no peer support, and a public unease and unwillingness to approach the real stories and difficulties of survivors of abduction and kidnapping. There is an unquestionable lack of recovery support.




The mission of the Tiffany Moon Foundation for Abduction Recovery is to fund aid for the problems I am facing since coming forward about my own kidnapping, and to support other survivors of abduction and kidnapping by providing otherwise unavailable resources, peer support groups, and public awareness.By addressing my basic financial needs, supporters allow me to provide unique and needed services to other survivors of these crimes.


Organization Overview

We are a diverse peer group of abduction and kidnapping survivors committed to our own healing journeys, to helping other survivors feel that they are not alone, and to increasing public awareness about the crimes that affected our lives.I am currently the Executive Director and beneficiary of funding from the foundation, providing and managing operations, while two officers selflessly volunteer their time administering online support groups.This organization is in creation and is not yet a 501c3 non-profit. Donations are being sought for the application fee, an EIN has been established, and any non-designated funds directed to the organization are recorded as donations and deposited to a bank account under the name of the organization.

Please help me to help others.Join us in building awareness and support for survivors of abduction and kidnapping.



Please Donate

Please help me to survive so that I may help others.Donations pay for my basic living expenses as I seek justice, treat disability symptoms, and support others.Please donate today.




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This organization is in creation, and its 501c3 status is pending donations needed for the filing fee.An EIN has been established, and donations are deposited to a bank account in the organizationís name and directed toward basic living expenses.